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Relax on holidays knowing your pet is safe being looked after by a Pet Professional.! Pet Sitting & Pet Minding covers Cairns in a range of services. Your pet can holiday with us – or we can do home visits to you – or a pet professional can stay at your place during your holiday! So you can relax knowing your best friend/s is safe and being cared for properly, in totally stress free environments.

When your pet is holidaying with us there is a few things required – must be vaccinated, wormed and flea control used.

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How much

Does Pet Sitting Cost?

Do I need to Book in Advance?
Yes! It is advisable to book WELL IN ADVANCE during school holiday, long week-end and Xmas periods to avoid disappointment, as these are my busiest time frames and I only have a certain amount of availability.
Your first consultation is free!
We provide your first consultation free of charge. This may be in your home or in mine, or over the phone is also fine too., depending on which option of care you are considering for your pets.

During this session I can come to your home ( or you come to my home depending on what type of care is needed) to meet you and your pets, and discuss your requirements.

This initial consultation gives your pets and yourself a chance to build a rapport with me, and it is a great opportunity for you to fill me in on your pets individual behaviours, like and dislikes.

If the animals are coming to stay in my property, you are most welcome to make a time with me to come and see where I live and where your beloved pet will be staying.

We have fully fenced outdoors areas with lots of room for your dogs to run around and play.

Larger dogs are usually kept in the outside areas (covered) and smaller dogs can have the use of both the outside (covered) areas and also inside. We always keep all dogs well sheltered at night for sleeping.


When do I need to pay?
After the initial consultation, care for your pets can be confirmed with an email and usually a deposit on the scheduled booking. Bookings and payments are made to reserve availability, otherwise, I am unable to fully confirm dates and bookings until payment has been made.
How much does it cost for in-home sitting?
1 VISIT – $30 per day
2 VISITS (in a day)- $45
3 VISITS (in a day) – $60

NB: All food to be provided by owners….up to 1 hour per visit

How much is sitting @ your home?
OPTION 1. $20 PER DOGGIE PER DAY (excluding food)

  • If there are 2 or more doggies in the same family staying with me…The price is $18 per doggie per day..(all food provided by you the owner).


OPTION 2. $25 PER DOGGIE PER DAY (including food)

  • 2 or more doggies is $22 per doggie per day.. (premium dog food/home cooking and snacks provided by us).


NB: Both options include:

  • Comfortable overnight sleeping arrangements
  • All meals served separately, and to the owners own scheduled time
  • Once per day Pet walking or outdoor activity in our yard
  • Lots of attention and playtime
  • Medication if needed
We also offer special Health retreats for dogs...

Looking for something special for your best friend? We can help! 

For just $350 per week (yep only$50 per day) you get:

·Plush Accommodation with either Heating or Cooling (seasonal)
·All clean Healthy Meals.. which will include a fine dining selection of Yellowfin Tuna, Salmon, 5 star Lean Lamb and Beef Mince, Caviar, Organic Vegetables, Brown Pastas and Rice, home baked snacks
·Approved Vitamin Supplements
·Filtered and Purified Waters
·Bath soaks in Magnesium
·Luxury Wash Products in in once a week bath
·Massage and Hands on Healing with resonating crystals within a dedicated massage room, with essential oils burning and meditational music
·After Bath Flea Care
·Organic Ear Care and clean
·Daily Beach and / or Nature Walks
·Pick up and Drop off from your home or accommodation
·Take Home Goodie Bag


Our Pet Sitters


I am an experienced house sitter along with pet sitter, having established my own business for 10 + years. Over the years I have done many house sitting jobs and built up an excellent reputation with a very solid clientele.  Im very organized, trustworthy, and dependable, along with clean and respectable.


Coffee Lover. Amature Car Restorer. Green Thumb. Wes loves to take our dogs on walks in the afternoon and make sure they get the chance to burn off their energy.


Coles Mini Collector. Book Worm. Guinea Pig tamer. Gemma is the youngest member of our team. An aspiring vet, she loves looking after elderly pets.

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